What do you do when you have a complex decision to make?

Intentionally watching for God’s activity and following where He’s already working has been especially helpful to me.

Recently, I knew that I needed to be more intentional about watching for God’s activity.

I had a good start that quickly fizzled.

The next morning, my Bible study reading issued the same challenge.

I knew that I had to be more intentional about watching for God’s activity, so I made a commitment on social media and asked others to join me.

I knew that I would follow through.

A Mundane Day

The second day seemed to be a bit “quieter” for me, I didn’t quickly recognize God’s activity.

It was just a “normal” day with nothing that seemed to be significantly pointing to God’s activity.

I felt the pressure to have something “worthy” to share.

Not much came to mind.

Playing it Safe

The following morning, I was able to recognize what was going on the day before.

God’s activity was calling me to go in a direction that would require risk.

I wanted to “play it safe” by working out the details.

My mind moved to figuring things out, controlling the outcome and I had a lack of peace.

God was calling me to take a step of faith, to trust Him with the details.

He’s already working in the situation.

I chose to continue to watch for His activity and trust Him.

Grow in My Understanding of God

God is reminding me that He’s calling me to do things that are uncomfortable.

I feel some resistance, yet I know that stepping out in faith is a great way to experience personal growth.

[bctt tweet=”Uncomfortable places give me a great opportunity to grow in my understanding of God.”]


Count the Cost

I am in a time of business “transition” with many important decisions to make.

I have been seeing “just enough” of God’s activity to confirm that I am following His leading, yet there’s so much that is still uncertain.

I was struggling to make one decision that seemed especially complex to me.

I started out looking at all of aspects of what the different choices would cost.

Every detail of the choices just seemed to “muddy” the decision. I had no peace.

Finally, I looked at the choices based on what it would cost to NOT move forward and the answer was clear!

I knew that it was time to move forward without all of the details worked out.

Feeling Stuck

I started to feel overwhelmed when looking at all of the details that needed to come together for the choice that I made.

I knew that God was leading, yet I felt stuck in some areas.

Thankfully, I was in the middle of my intentional challenge to watch for God’s activity.

One area that I was feeling stuck seemed really “silly”.

I was making all of these bold moves and it didn’t make sense to me why I would feel “stuck” in one area that didn’t really seem to be filled with “risk”.

I admitted how I felt about being stuck.

Then, all of the sudden, after being honest, I quickly realized the underlying reason that I was stuck.

This awareness brought so much such freedom to me!

Unexpected Blessing

Many things happened the rest of the day that confirmed that God was taking care of the details and that my feelings weren’t “silly”.

God showed us one source of provision that had already been in place, but we just didn’t recognize it until that day.
The timing was perfect for me!

I felt directly cared for by God.

I would have missed it if I had not intentionally been watching for His activity!

How do you watch for God’s activity?