Some friends and I were talking about a common problem that’s rarely discussed – ministry envy!
We were honest that we struggle with this more than we would like to admit.

Have you ever compared your “ministry results” to someone else’s?

Maybe their message seems to be seen, heard or understood more than yours and you long for the same results?
So, what can you when you feel envious?


Recognize the Deeper Meaning of Envy


Rather than being hard on yourself when you feel envious of someone else, explore what you could be longing for.
God gave us longings for a reason, that’s a good thing.

Don’t ignore your longings!

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My friend Cheri Gregory  shares that “Envy is a longing for belonging”.

Her message resonates with me!

When I feel envy, I need to recognize that I might be longing to belong (or longing for something else) and that’s a good thing!


Be Authentic with the Right People


Find people who are a real about their struggles. People who listen well without condemning or judging you.

Be real with people who know what it’s like to pour your heart into your ministry or message and you long to be seen, heard or understood.

You will find that “ministry envy” doesn’t end when you “arrive” and are in the “ministry of your dreams”, doing what you love, and making a difference.

Michele Cushatt shares that she received an email from a well-meaning woman was jealous of how Michele’s cancer give her some traction in her success!
I really appreciated that Michele shared her own struggle…

In all fairness, she was simply being authentic about a real human struggle, the deep longing to be seen and feel significant.
I get it. Just this week I discovered an online friend I admire had unfollowed. My gut-level response? Rejection. I wanted to track her down, find out why {Yes, I struggle, too}…


Thank you Michele!


Serve Your People Well

Focus on the people that you are serving right now.

Give thanks to God for the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of the people you are serving.

We are taught that in today’s noisy world, it’s important to “expand your reach”, “build your tribe”, “grow your platform.”

That’s true, these things are important.

Yet, focusing on and chasing growth can be a trap.

You can easily get to a place that it’s “never enough” and you miss out on focusing on the people that you are called to serve right now.

This noisy world and our desire to make a difference does cause tension.

It can be a challenge to know how to handle the challenges.

Would you join me today, as I remind myself to not feel bad about myself when I feel envious?

Instead, I need talk about it and pour my heart into serving.

The people you are called to serve are worth the challenges!

What are your “least favorite” ways that you compare your ministry to someone else’s?