A tiny shift, yet significant shift in our relationship happened while we are learning how to use our TV remote.

I really love learning about different personalities. One tool we really enjoy is the Enneagram.

Keith is an Enneagram #6 and I’m a #7.

Something that is very important for an Enneagram #6 to do is to learn to trust his/her own voice and thoughts. I started watching for additional ways to be more supportive of my husband.

While we were learning some of the tricks of how to use our TV remote, there were parts that I knew how to do that Keith hadn’t figured out yet.

I decided to just be patient and quiet and let him figure it out for himself. Then I told him that I purposely did that because I wanted to honor that he needs to trust himself.

We had a nice laugh together, great connection and it was evident that he really appreciated my choice and to let him know why I was making that choice.

What are some of your favorite ways to understand people’s personalities?