I love the power of coaching, speaking and teaching — such powerful tools to make a significant difference in the lives of those I am called to serve.

There are so many joys and challenges that come with this type of work. Building my business is a special way to grow personally and spiritually.

I tried to copy successful people.

When I first started coaching, writing and speaking, I knew very little about building a business. I wasn’t naturally business savvy and knew that I had much to learn.

I did what thought I had to do in order to have a successful business. Instead of leading with my strengths, I listened to all of the “experts,” copying their strategies and formulas — even the ones that didn’t fit me.

I worked so much harder than necessary.

Focus does not come easily to me, so I constantly battled information overload and decision fatigue. I poured so much time, money and effort into things that didn’t really matter. Naively, I overlooked what would have actually made a difference.

Finally, I grew weary of all the online noise. It was just too much for my tender heart.

There were too many complicated ways to grow a business and get my message heard.

Because I love what I do, something had to change.

I had to simplify my work.

This is a common challenge in this line of work.

 Through the years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of connecting with Christian coaches and communicators at every level of experience — from beginners to seasoned professionals who are highly respected.

I see a pattern of people doing what I did: they work so hard, copying what they see others doing. But eventually, they become so discouraged that they consider giving up on their calling.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

Building a business is complex, but it doesn’t need to be so complicated. 

As your coach, I will help you use your strengths and focus on what is most essential right now—all while you are living an intentional and vibrant life.

You really can build a business that fits you, your life and your message.

Mary Lou is passionate about helping her clients increase their confidence, implement a purposeful plan of action, and achieve the results they seek. I’m struck by her earnest desire to make a difference in her clients’ lives and her God-given ability to do so.

Mary Lou can help you turn challenges into celebration by building upon your strengths and desires. You’re fortunate to have found her. 

Jory H. Fisher

Certified Business Coach

On a Personal Note

I am happily married to my husband Keith, have two married daughters, and five grandsons.

We live in Longwood, FL which is a suburb of Orlando. We are grateful to be close to our daughter’s families and my parents. 

I enjoy going for walks, connecting with people, listening to podcasts, and playing with our grandchildren.

People who know me say that I am approachable, genuine, ‘the real deal’, and encouraging


I am constantly learning how to serve you better.

I have received coach training from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute an International Coach Federation certified school.