Have you tried a standing desk?

I recently moved from a “make-shift” sit-to-stand desk to one that was designed to easily move from sitting to standing and back.

I did a considerable amount of research before deciding which one to purchase and I am so pleased with the results.

Here’s 3 basic things for you to consider if you want to try a standing desk.

1. Experiment with what you already have.

If you’ve never stood at a desk before, find something that’s a comfortable height for you to work and do a simple task. 

Maybe it’s writing, working on a project or using a laptop.

2. Consider trying a “make-shift” desk.

I did that for years by using simple office supplies to get my monitor and keyboard at a height that works for me.

It was never easy to move quickly from sitting-to-standing, but I could at a least do it.

3. Decide which features are most important to you when shopping for your desk.

Before I started my research, I knew that ergonomics and a desk on wheels were essential for me.

I also needed to be able to move from sitting-to-standing quickly and very little physical effort.

I was surprised when I found many features that I truly needed in an electronic desk.

Everything on the desk remains stable, so no need to move anything off the desk when changing positions.

I tried manual desks and found it physically hard to move a large desk up and down.

I am also glad that I added a keyboard tray that slides under the desk. I can move it to many positions that help with ergonomics.

Are you looking for a desk and have any questions about purchasing one? I am not selling anything (and not an affiliate), but I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.