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“The best part of working with Mary Lou is that each time we meet, she gives me permission to be myself and to trust myself.”

~ Cheri Gregory

Listening to online voices shouting their business-building secrets, you may find yourself going dozens of different directions at once and wrestling to combine countless complicated strategies.

You are confident that God has called you to coach, speak, or write. But the business side of your calling can make you feel confused, overwhelmed or discouraged.

It’s easy to feel that everyone else has this figured out and wonder what you need to change.

Does the business side of your calling feel overly complicated?

You might be feeling…

» overwhelmed by all of the options of what you should do next

» disconnected from people who understand your type of work

» weary of dealing with all the moving parts it takes to build a business

 I know how it feels.

I’ve been where you are.

When I started my coaching business, I did what thought I had to do in order to have a successful business. Instead of leading with my strengths, I listened to all of the “experts,” copying their strategies and formulas — even the ones that didn’t fit my tender heart.

I grew weary with all of the “noise.” There were too many complicated ways to grow a business and get my message heard.

Because I love what I do, something had to change.

I had to simplify my work.


It doesn’t have to be overly complicated for you.

Kim Avery

Kim Avery, PCC

Business Coach

“Authentic, creative and encouraging, Mary Lou is a well-equipped coach who knows how to meet you where you are and focus on what’s important to you so you can get where you want to go.  Truly delightful.”

Here’s How I Can Help


Select from individualized sessions, customized business consultations, and coaching groups to…


RECEIVE affirmation and encouragement from someone who values getting to know you

GAIN CLARITY about your next step

CHOOSE  business strategies that fit you well

TAKE ACTION  with confidence

BUILD a business that’s energizing and life-giving

MAKE a lasting difference in the lives of those you serve



copying cookie-cutter approaches
that don’t actually work for you


time and energy
to invest in what really matters


the “expert” voices by
trusting your own strengths and skills

Move Forward

with methods that match
your personality and your life


your business practices so they
become doable


your grateful